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Lesvos island

Lesvos is an island blessed with a unique environment that changes from side to side, ancient volcanic actions has endow Lesvos the unique petrified forest at the dry rocky west part, instead of an olive silver and pine green rest part. But also a history through ages that we cannot leave unnoticed, monuments, evidences the existence of several cultures that has been established in the past of time. Ancient Greek temples, Roman aqueducts, pale Christian churches, Ottoman temples and buildings all well preserved and available for travellers who would like to combine holidays with history research. Lesvos is a place that can attract and entertain visitors four seasons a year. Popular sandy beaches with award winning crystal waters jointed with hotels for any taste, sea sports and jeep tours, romantic dinners under the moon in a traditional tavern next to the sea, allLesbos traditional this and much more for the summer. Ecotourism and nature hunters for the winter, participation in preparing traditional products like olive oil, cheese and sweets in small cooperatives, hiking through paths, up on the hills and next to small waterfalls, healing baths in natural hot springs combined with family accommodations in small villages its sure that it will be a revitalizing part of life for each visitor. 

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